is dedictated to the Juicy stuff. The
spurting orgasmic furry furry spoo
gushing about in untold RP sessions. 
Writhing bodies crossing gender 
boundaries at will, mutating specie 
and social qualifications and always...

......good an messsy!-------- 



What is reality? Anything people will agree on (nyyyyah). You're furry... if you say you are, everyone will be happy to agree with you and so the reality of it spreads, radiating outward in comfortable halo of agreement. Most furry art, and furry pr0n in particular, one comes across tends to be based on real furries, and  why not, it makes things so much easier as an atist for the spark of life to be provided ready made, character atributes laid out in neat order. Its art that 'wants' to be drawn, art that begs (and sometimes whines) to be brought into existance. 
    As an artist its hard to resist, one might think of the 'TUB' as a marvelous little engine, whirrring away under its own power ,churning out in massive quantaties, neatly typed up is ASCII fornat, all the lurid graphic fantasy one could ever use.

  ...the archives currently hold about 600 pages, i post all the new stuff, page by page, up front where anyone can get at them..but if you want the whole bunch you'll need to subscribe....

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